This is the place for us to boast about our expertise and express how very pleased we are with ourselves: Bruuveri’s drinks list showcases nearly 100 different beers and ciders and outstanding wines, whiskies, rums, cognacs and other spectacularly good delicacies, carefully selected from all around the world.

Our passionate staff are constantly on the look for new types of drinks experiences, both when on the job and during their free time. The best finds are added to Bruuveri’s list as quickly as possible, as this ensures that our selection lives and breathes each and every week!

Our menu completes the taste palette: Each dish comes with drink recommendations. The staff at Bruuveri are more than happy to tell you more about them. (Note: If you want to order red wine with your fish or a glass of milk with your burger, it’s fine by us!)

Check out the menu in more detail here.

Beer and cider on tap
Bruuveri has 14 carefully selected beers and ciders available on tap. Some of the tap products are the offspring of our own Lab: in other words, they come from behind the glass window, from the kettles of the Social Brewing Lab. The Lab beers are exclusive, made in limited batches and you can only taste them at Bruuveri. There are new Lab beers available almost every week!

In preparation for those gloomy grey days of the year…
If your totem animal is a grey mouse and your favourite time of the year is slush, you will be glad to know that one of our taps is dedicated to the Finnish Long Drink, or Lonkero, as it is lovingly called by locals. So, if a gloomy colour suits your needs or you just want to pout, order a Long Drink!