Lunch at Bruuveri relies on age-old lessons learnt from our grandmothers: Food is always prepared with love and from top-quality, and mainly domestic, ingredients. At lunchtime, we favour both traditional as well as more modern Finnish home-cooked dishes. The lunch menu changes each week and it is planned by favouring vegetables currently in season. Lunch is served from a buffet table.

You are very welcome to come and have lunch with us – even our kitchen staff’s grandmothers are touchingly proud of it! You can view our varying lunch menu here.

At other opening hours we serve dishes from our menu.

Lunch on weekdays from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm

Noutopöytä: 11,30 eur.
– Lunch includes a generous and versatile salad buffet, soup of the day and warm meat, fish, chicken or vegetable options, as well as beverages, artisan malt bread, and coffee and tea.

Kevytlounas: 9,90 eur.
– Light lunch includes the soup of the day, a generous and versatile salad buffet, a drink, artisan malt bread, and coffee and tea.

Would you like to get a taste for vegetarian dishes?
Good vegetarian food means more than just yellowish shredded cabbage and insipid sprouts. In Bruuveri’s kitchen, we respect all ingredients and know how to gently bring out the best in taste. Preferring an abundant salad buffet is an easy way of increasing the share of vegetables on your lunch plate and a safe approach to getting to know the vegetarian mindset.

Our salad buffet includes more than a dozen different veggie options and several delicious dressings. For the pesco-lacto-vegetarians favouring traditional Finnish food, we serve salmon soup once a week! So, yummy choices, all in all! Veggie options rock!

The varying lunch menu can be viewed here and also on our Facebook page.

Tip: We appreciate the environment, so our aim is to keep food waste to a minimum. This is why we encourage you to fill up your lunch plate so that you don’t go hungry, keeping in mind that food waste is something none of us want. Thank you, dear guest, for helping us with this!

Outside lunch hours, we serve thrilling taste symphonies (= straightforward and delicious food and small dishes to go on the side with drinks) directly from our menu. Read our menu here.