Bruuveri is known for its straightforward and easy-going food served in Kamppi, right in the middle of Helsinki. The brewery restaurant stays true to its beliefs: a good beer deserves no-nonsense food to go with it.

Bruuveri’s kitchen is alive every day. The menu is planned to work in harmonious symbiosis with top-quality beers and wines. Our kitchen serves the hungry vegan and omnivore alike. The dishes are prepared from scratch using good-quality, tasty and, when possible, domestic ingredients. Our food style is ‘easy-going’, so leave your smart clothes home, make sure that you have a good appetite, and come and enjoy our delicious food.

Do you tend to eat like a bird? Do you prefer to nibble on small savoury snacks?
In addition to our selection of hearty dishes, we also offer a choice of relaxed finger food, such as fried organic rye bread sticks, potatoes for dipping, cauliflower wings and other delicacies to get your mouth watering. A frosty craft beer on the side and that’s it – pure pleasure.

On weekdays we serve lunch

Nyt voit tilata ruokaa myös kotiin!


Potato wedges (D, G)

Feeling a bit peckish? Order our legendary, coveted potato wedges and select your preferred dipping sauce. Your hunger will vanish.

Rye bread sticks (D)

Crispy, fried organic rye bread sticks and your choice of dipping sauce. Sticks are no small things in our kitchen.

Kukkahattu (M)

Crispy, fried cauliflower buds. Choose your favourite dipping sauce. A modern and certifiably tasty snack to nibble on!

Fried avocado wedges (D, V)

The result of a relaxed moment of thinking in the kitchen, these delicious avocado wedges are gently battered, and come with your choice of dipping sauce.


Four pieces of Cheddar jalapeños, which burn on your tongue just right, with a dipping sauce of your choice.

Mozzarella sticks

Five of our legendary mozzarella sticks, which hide a beautifully gooey core of cheese under their crispy crust. Choose your favourite dipping sauce.

Chicken wings (D, G)

A favourite among our regular customers! Either 10 or 16 delicious wings made from fresh, Finnish chicken, rolled in either a mild or a madly spicy sauce, as you prefer. Also choose your favourite dipping sauce. Grab yours and get your fingers sticky.
€9 /€13

Toast and salad (L)

A giant toast with fresh mixed green salad. Select your option according to your mood:- A cunningly spicy vegetarian toast- A casual, no-frills toast with pepperoni and Cheddar
LL = Low-lactose, L = Lactose-free, G = Gluten-free, D = Dairy-free, V = Vegan.

Sausages and potatoes (D, G)

Famous uncooked sausages from the Roslund family company, cooked to perfection and served in harmony with crispy potato wedges. Choose your favourite dipping sauce.

Fried chicken (D)

Battered and fried crispy chicken with potato wedges. Choose your favourite dipping sauce. A classic. Nothing to add.

A mixed green salad

Full without feeling stuffed! A large green salad for a larger appetite. Your choice of main ingredient: halloumi fried to a crisp, vegan pulled peas or low-fat chicken.

Caesar salad with a twist

Fresh Romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan and Caesar dressing. Your choice of main ingredient: juicy chicken, halloumi fried to a crisp, or the modern innovation of pulled peas, which also appeal to omnivores.

Wiener schnitzel (L)

A generously proportioned (200 g) Wiener schnitzel is a traditional dish and a favourite of both the Viennese and suburban Finns. The schnitzel is tenderised with a meat hammer and then battered and fried. The dish is completed with capers and melted butter and served with lemon slices and mashed potatoes.

Mixed platter to share

For 2–3 people. The mixed platter to be enjoyed together as a snack includes everything you could want: potato wedges, fried crisp cauliflower buds, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, organic rye bread sticks and Roslund’s uncooked sausages fried to perfection. Choose two of your favourite dipping sauces on the side. Also available as a veggie option. Warning: may cause people to elbow their way around the table to grab the best bits.


Classic beef burger (L)

A traditional, no-frills burger with a 150-gram beef patty, delicious Dijon mayonaise, onion, famous Myrttinen pickles, crispy lettuce, tomato and Cheddar. Each table needs to have one.

Halloumi burger

A burger with a harmonious combination of roasted bell pepper and halloumi cheese. Lime-garlic mayonnaise between the buns, as well as onion, crispy lettuce and tomato. Suited to both carefree night owls as well as busy folk during the day.

Spicy burger (L)

An extra spicy burger for an extremely large appetite. A 150-gram beef patty, chili mayonnaise, onion, Myrttinen pickles, lettuce, tomato and Cheddar with fresh, pleasantly zingy jalapeño to tickle your nostrils. Our kitchen will prepare and serve your burger with professional skill and joy.

Bacon burger (L, incl. fish)

A hefty BBQ bacon burger with 150-gram beef patty, Dijon mayonaise, red onion, famous Myrttinen pickles, tomato, Cheddar and beer battered onion rings.

Veggie burger deluxe (V)

Now on the way to conquering the world, a Beyond Meat vegan patty with vegan chili mayonnaise, onion, legendary Myrttinen pickles, lettuce and tomato. Comes with the extremely happy feeling from knowing you’ve made an ethically sound choice. (Please remember to give the meat eaters around your table the evil eye.)
Burgers also need company:- Potato wedges and a dipping sauce of your choice, 2.50 eur.- Mixed green salad, 2.50 eur.- Caesarsalaatti 2,50 eur.
Dipping saucesDijon mayonnaise (D, G)Lime garlic mayonnaise (D, G)Chili mayonnaise (D, G)Bruuveri’s HOT chili sauce (D, G, V)Vegan garlic mayonnaise (D, G, V)Vegan chili mayonnaise (D, G, V)Extra dipping sauce + 1 eurLL = Low-lactose, L = Lactose-free, G = Gluten-free, D = Dairy-free, V = Vegan.We only use Finnish beef, pork and poultry in our dishes.

Mikko, our Head Chef, recommends: “Order some chicken wings to go with your beer. We take our time preparing them from fresh, Finnish chickens, and this dish is a favourite of many of our regular guests. Make a side order of chili sauce prepared with our own special recipe. This is just the best there is!”