Oluen maistelutapahtumat, eli pruuvit, järjestetään aika ajoin, ja niihin ovat tervetulleita niin aktiiviharrastajat kuin ensimmäisiä siemauksiaankin olutmaailmassa ottavat. Maltaisen maistelun maailmaan ohjaa oman tai vierailevan panimon olutammattilainen. Pruuvissa meininki on rento ja sana vapaa!

Lab tasting

We taste the most interesting topical products from our own Social Brewing Lab and other Finnish breweries. Kasper, our Head Brewer, shares stories with us from the Finnish beer scene and the development of the most recent products from our Lab.

‘Tasting around’

The Social Brewing Lab invites a guest brewery for a visit! This tasting is about taking a closer look at another brewery and tasting its beers. A visiting head brewer will join us for the tasting.

Seasonal tasting

A tasting that draws its inspiration from the changing seasons. When snow is falling on the streets, we will taste dark, rich stouts and porters, for example, and when spring is around the corner, we will perhaps try some fruity IPAs and wheat beers.

VIP tasting

In the mood for a casual tasting with a VIP group of friends? Gather a group of at least 10 of your best buddies, and contact us to make arrangements! 

We will let you know about upcoming tastings in more detail in the restaurant and on Facebook and Instagram.